Get Ready To Move

If you’re like most companies, you’ve likely already begun the process of moving some non-critical functions to the cloud. If you haven’t, that’s OK too – we’re great at helping companies take their first steps.  There's no question that migrating work loads to the cloud will help you realize the tremendous efficiencies and cost savings. 

Together, we’ll create a multifaceted application strategy to determine when rehosting, refactoring, rebuilding or replacing applications delivers the most value and how new applications can be built using cloud-optimized and cloud-native design principles. Together, we’ll choose the right mix for your applications, such as rehosting less-strategic apps with no-code changes and rearchitecting others that are more business-critical.

Well Architected Framework (WAF)

A2C Cloud utilizes the Well-Architected Framework heavily when crafting secure, efficient, and long-lasting solutions for customers.

A2C Cloud uses the six pillars of Well-Architected Framework to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the solutions that fit the vision for their company.

Staffing Services

Temp to Full-time with right to hire

Every business in the middle of adding tools and expanding their capabilities understands that people are a critical component. But bringing in top-tier talent fast enough to maintain momentum isn't always easy.

When our clients need to scale personnel quickly, we leverage our parent company, A2C Consulting, a decades-long leader in full-service technology staffing, to fulfill their needs.

We find the right people with the proper mix of expertise to fill your IT resource gaps. Whether you need someone on a shorter term project basis, or full-time, we can help.

As an added benefit to utilizing A2C Cloud's Staffing Services, after 6 months, you can hire the resource at no additional cost to you.

Blocks of Hours

You may have all the IT resources you need today, but what happens if a new project pops up tomorrow? A2C Cloud's "block hour agreements" allow you to purchase a set number of hours, at a blended rate. This gives you the ability to use a pre-determined team, (Solution Architect, Project Manager, Engineer, etc.) when you need them and for as long as necessary.

Block hours provide greater flexibility in terms of budgeting, billing, and service usage. Because they're purchased upfront, customers get them at a discounted rate, making them more cost effective. The upfront purchase also enables many customers to incorporate them into their annual budget.

There are several reasons you may need to purchase bundled blocks of hours. For example, you may only need a short term resource, or resources, to complete a small project or task. In those cases, companies can simply tap into their block of professional services hours to cover their resource gaps.

Application Development

Optimize your Applications

You've come to the cloud for instant scalability, dependability, improved data sharing and security. You stayed for the cost savings, operational efficiency and ability to gain insights from your data. Whatever your needs or motivations, A2C Cloud will help you get the most out of your cloud applications.

Our focus is developing high-performance, scalable, secure and easy to maintain software. Whether cloud-native, mobile-first or more traditional. Lift and Shift or Rebuild. Regardless of your circumstances and preferences, A2C Cloud  will meet your needs and give you the tools and confidence to successfully leverage the cloud for your most critical business applications.

Data Analytics

Insights. Automated

Becoming a market leader starts with data. Used effectively, data can help you create dynamic customer experiences, improve return on investment, reduce time to market and boost market share. The key to success is making data intelligent, and the companies that are currently outperforming their competition are doing just that—using data science to unlock the value in their data.

Gone are the days of pouring through data in the hopes that you would uncover patterns and correlations to construct a potentially valuable narrative. Now, the tools are available for your data to tell the story on its own. It’s time to unleash your data’s potential.  

The A2C advanced analytics team brings the best engineering and data science skills to address your business requirements. We work collaboratively with your team to understand your needs and create models to help unlock the real value of your data. The result is a custom data science based solution, tailored to your specific intelligence needs, data sets and application environment.

When you work with A2C, we leverage AWS’ fully managed, serverless approach, which removes operational overhead by handling your big data analytics solution’s performance, scalability, availability, security, and compliance needs automatically. So instead of managing servers, you can focus on the stories your data is telling and how to act on them. And thanks to innovative, customer-friendly pricing, you pay only for the resources you use.


Make Artificial Real

Intelligent data is your Superpower. As a technology leader for your organization, your responsibilities seem to grow on a daily basis.  Despite that, you still have to convey your value to your organization. Artificial Intelligence can equip you with the tools to leverage tremendous amounts of data to uncover previously unrealized opportunities. The tools are there, so why not transform your business?

In the same way that the internet has completely changed the way we do business, AI is reshaping what's possible. More informed business decisions. Smarter products and services. Optimized and automated business processes. Previously inconceivable operational efficiency. It's all within reach and companies who are using AI today are already creating daylight between themselves and their competition.

A2C Cloud's artificial intelligence capabilities are built from our industry insight, utilization of proven AI frameworks and extremely deep technical engineering expertise. Our processes are tight and proven. Our people are best-in-class seasoned experts. Our results will bring unheard of levels of efficiency and simplicity to your data management.