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A2C Cloud Transfer Family Solutions for FinTech Industries

In highly regulated sectors like FinTech, secure and compliant data exchange is crucial. Financial and regulatory data sharing with clients often demands the use of SFTP with a VPC endpoint. That's why many companies are turning to AWS Transfer Family in the AWS cloud for these exchanges.

What Does the Architecture Include?

The typical components of this architecture are:

  • AWS Transfer Family (SFTP): Secure File Transfer Protocol for exchanging financial data.

  • Associated S3 Buckets: Data storage for the transferred files.

  • API Gateway: Interface for handling API calls.

  • Lambda Function: For automated data processing.

  • Cognito User Pool: User management and authentication.

  • Identity Provider: Secure access management.

What we Can Do For You

  • Review of current data exchange processes: Understand your current methods of data exchange.

  • Regulatory compliance assessment: Ensure your processes meet regulatory standards.

  • Design of AWS data exchange interface: Create a tailored AWS architecture for data transfer.

  • Deployment of recommended architecture: Implement the designed architecture into AWS.

  • Testing and right-sizing: Validate and optimize the architecture.

  • Production-ready environment: Ensure the new architecture is ready for production use.

  • Knowledge transfer and hand-off: Train your team on the new architecture.

How to Get Started:

Begin with an introductory call between A2C Cloud and your key stakeholders. Let’s discuss your requirements and make sure our solutions are a perfect fit for your business.


Together with your team, our experienced project management team at A2C Cloud will establish a backlog. We'll then work with our technical experts through a series of agreed-upon sprints to make your data exchange secure, compliant, and efficient.

Ready to securely exchange your data? Contact A2C Cloud today.