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S3, EC2 Instance Configuration, VPC, NextCloud, Myrtille, EBS Drive, RDP, RStudio

Analytical Workloads Migration and Ongoing Management

Monument Analytics intends to maximize its human capital by focusing on its core business of delivering analytical solutions in the healthcare space and minimize the time spent on managing IT infrastructure. Our team devised a long-term plan, which started with the continuous monitoring and management of Monument Analytics' AWS resources to deliver immediate business value. We became a single point of contact with Monument Analytics in regards to their AWS and overall IT infrastructure to ensure future growth.

Main goals

  • Expert assistance on AWS Services and Customer’s Architecture
  • Design file access control routines
  • Design service logging

Benefits Realized

  • By having their environment assessed and re-architected, the customer realized immediate savings of 22% on their monthly AWS spend.
  • The customer achieved significant improvement in operational efficiencies by partnering with A2C Cloud. Repurposed resources are able to focus on billable hours, which increased 14%, 30 days post-project. 
  • The customer is well positioned to significantly grow by focusing on their core business and operating a cost-effective, scalable AWS environment.