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IAM, VPC, CloudTrail, S3, Virtual Machine, Elasticsearch, Kibana, AWS Well Architected Framework (WAF)

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Archiving and Searching Logs in the AWS Cloud

ARC Excess & Surplus is one of the largest wholesale business insurance brokers in the nation and provides Management and Professional Liability Solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. An overarching goal for ARC Excess & Surplus was to reduce backup costs and allocate those financial resources elsewhere. The main focus for A2C Cloud centered around ARC Excess & Surplus's Active Directory, IIS, Remote Desktop, and business information. A2C Cloud created a solution that allowed ARC Excess & Surplus to archive and search logs from these areas and eliminate related backups. By enabling ARC Excess & Surplus to archive and search logs from these areas in the AWS Cloud, backup costs decreased significantly and they were able to redirect those resources to more productive uses. ARC Excess & Surplus experienced reduced AWS storage costs, the power to archive security Login/Log-off events, as well as easy search for events in a consolidated application.


  • Create 3 IAM administrator users
  • Create new VPC in client AWS account
  • Create new security group provide external SSH access to VM
  • Setup CloudTrail for environment auditing
  • Deploy Multiple VM’s in AWS for Elastic Observability
  • Created the option to deploy additional VM's in another AZ for fault tolerance
  • Install ELK stack on VM’s
  • Utilized AWS Well Architected Framework best practices to restrict access to only whitelisted IP & ports from customer’s site
  • Configured the solution to accept logs from multiple customer systems 
  • Created custom dashboard to view Windows Security Events

Benefits Realized

  • The customer realized an immediate 26% cost savings for the backup and archival storage of consolidated log data.
  • Storing log data in S3 enabled the customer to realize operational efficiencies due to the inherent highly scalable and highly available architecture of S3. They also experienced an additional 3% in savings as a result.
  • Improved resolution times for reported incidents resulted in improved productivity across the organization due to the efficient search and retrieval of logs from S3, enabling 24% quicker claim processing.