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CloudFormation, IAM, AWS S3, AWS Managed Microsoft AD, Cognito, OpenID, SSO, Simple User Registration API, Lambda, RDS

Alfi.pngAuthentication/Authorization Implementation

Alfi provides a system to display Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) ads based on various biometric values obtained from the application running on a mobile device. To facilitate the delivery of ads, customers access Alfi's portal to upload ads, configure ad campaigns and review reports. To allow for seamless access to this portal, customers can register and access the portal using an OpenID compatible identity service combined with AWS Sign-On service and the AWS Congnito service. A2C Cloud understood designing and integrating the authentication/authorization implementation at scale was key to Alfi's long terms goals as a company. For that reason, A2C Cloud went deep on this specific front, designing and executing tests to validate scalability of the Authentication/Authorization platform. Additionally, A2C Cloud enhanced the existing Role Based Access Control (RBAC) based architecture to include Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) for ensuring scalability. CloudFormation was an integral part of this project, providing the platform to automatically provision several AWS resources that made the authentication/authorization implementation a reality. 


  • Provide a design for a seamless OpenID bases SSO solution that will allow for customers to self-register
  • Design the architecture for the OpenID SSO solutions and implement within the client’s AWS account
  • Enable a simple user registration API that can be utilized to provision new customers
  • Define a role-based access and assignment process based on the definition of the User/role provided by the client
  • Create/Review IAM Roles
  • Configure S3 structure via CloudFormation templates
  • Configure user pools via CloudFormation templates
  • Configure identity pools via CloudFormation templates
  • Set up AD and configure client’s users and integration with Cognito
  • Configure federation with Google account or Active Directory

Benefits Realized

  • The client's new AWS solution enabled them to rapidly scale to tens of thousands of devices and enabled them to rapidly distribute and activate screens/billboards. This enabled their advertising base to immediately ramp to 10,000+ screens. 
  • The customer's new, instantly scalable cloud environment enabled them to grow revenues 9% above initial estimates. 
  • The customer is now able to onboard new customers 17% faster than their initial estimates, increasing revenues by 7% above those same estimates.