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Amazon EC2, EBS Volume, KMS, VPN, NCR Data Mart, NCR Backoffice Client and Admin, WinSCP


Backoffice Server Migration

7Restaurants supports and upholds the Burger King brand, which is respected around the world for quality, value, and great taste. 7Restaurants places great emphasis on the Point of Sale (POS) and reporting platforms they utilize for all their restaurants. The main task our team took on was enhancing these platforms to be fault-tolerant, highly performant and capable of producing financial reports in a timely manner. An additional task was to ensure the existing on-premise data was securely migrated to the cloud and the enhanced platforms are scalable to accommodate the increase in the number of restaurants in the future.


  • Setup networking infrastructure on AWS
  • Setup site-to-site VPN
  • Migrate SQL Server db instance running an application from on-premise to AWS
  • Provision new EC2 and RDS database instances and securely migrate on-premise data to these instances
  • Configure daily backups from NCR data mart to an AWS RDS instance to generate sales reports

Benefits Realized

  • The customer was able to migrate their backend infrastructure for their platforms from on-premise to AWS with no downtime, which resulted in an immediate cost savings of 19%, while improving operational efficiences by 14%.
  • The consolidated financial reporting is now done on a daily basis, resulting in quick feedback and analysis of forecasts versus actuals. This enables the customer to reduce inventory costs by 22%. 
  • The customer now also has a scalable platform in place which can onboard new stores more easily, thereby saving an average of 27% when bringing a new restaurant on line.