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CPU spike trigger, S3 and AWS Cloud Front usage, AWS Load Balancer, AWS RDS, AWS Lambda

Broadcasting Service

This Broadcast service provides access to various media resources on multiple smart devices. The team utilized a serverless infrastructure for highly loaded systems and fast rollout of updates. The service automatically scales to withstand high peak loads in case of unforeseen events. It allows for the use of typical development procedures to push deploys in multi-environment structures with roll-back functions. Developers can make code changes working in Bitbucket and push modifications to CircleCI. 

The environment grows according to specific requirements.  The service can handle up to 99 running nodes under a single AWS Load Balancer (with HTTPS protocol enable). Due to rigorous user access system standards, each IAM user has its own policy and permissions. 

Main Goals
  • Serverless reaching for direct access without static servers
  • Auto-scaling option realized on the CPU spike trigger
  • S3 and AWS Cloud Front usage as content storage and delivery
  • AWS RDS usage to store databases
  • CircleCI with AWS Cloud Formation for required Lambda functions
  • Ability to control all processes by a set of AWS Lambda functions
  • Fast and easy deployment with health checks
  • Swift and controllable resources scaling
  • Transparent and straightforward cost management