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Migration from Digital Ocean
Cloud Migration For Ads Aggregator

An online automotive marketplace that assists sellers and more than 20,000 dealerships across the connecting buyers with all models of vehicles for sale. The marketplace consists of three separate websites for different types of users and each requires its own high-efficiency group of resources.

Reason for migration

The client needed the ability to perform high work loads across regions and to ensure a minimum performance level for each website. AWS supports cross-region functionality natively and offers a more cost-effective solution to Digital Ocean’s. Also, frequent problems with the Digital Ocean’s stability motivated the client to find a more reliable solution.


●     Two auto-scalable environments set-up in AWS within different VPCs

●     ELB as a load-balancing stage - the ability to divide the load and enlarge the number of nodes to the cluster easily

●     EC2 instances were used as a web-server side

●     RDS was used as a DB side

●     Elasticsearch servers for big requests processing

●     CI/CD process realization


Migration summary

Duration - 4 months (initial system review, new environment configuration, both production and pre-production, data migration, deployment, DNS switching to work on the new IPs, CI/CD realization)

Digital Ocean


100,000 simultaneous users

300,000+ simultaneous users

Single zone work, low redundancy

Multi-region infrastructure and cross-region work. High-redundant cluster.

8-second search request processing time

4-second search request processing time

Medium-score - about 85% of 100% page speed ranking.

High-score page speed ranking increased 20%

4-7 times failures per year due to hosting hardware problems

No failures were detected due to AWS hardware after the migration was completed