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Data and Research Expansion

AORI is at the forefront of hip and knee replacement technology due to their continuous collection of clinical patient data and ongoing research. Due to large amounts of data needed to support their research, it was paramount for them to have a unique AWS account capable of securely hosting this data. The AWS core data storage had to account for major expansion with AORI's continual stream of data sets and automatic feeds. Specifically, AORI needed a solution that migrated the data to an AWS account and fulfilled the needs of three distinct types of users: doctors, researchers, and data entry specialists. A2C Cloud's solution centered around the buillding of a Data Lake - an AWS environment that offers more flexibility than traditional data management systems - to help AORI manage and store multiple data types in a centralized repository. To better work with the contents of their data lake, A2CC provided AORI with an easy to use and intuitive user interface. This all helped ensure that AORI can now utillize AWS's statistical analysis methods (ML and AI) to parse their data. The solution provided by A2C Cloud easily allowes for ongoing automated and manual updates when needed. 


  • Create account and IAM RBAC configuration for up to 5
  • Create CloudFormation template to set up VPC 
  • Create CloudFormation Templates for VPN, Network Components, and Security Groups 
  • Setup VPC, Networking and Client VPN
  • Create CF Template for EC2 Instance 
  • Create CF Template for RDS Database 
  • Setup RDS Database
  • Setup AppSmith Application on Docker
  • Design Data Structure (Tables, Views)
  • Finalize Researcher Workflow
  • Define Conditions to Support Filtering 

Benefits Realized

  • AORI's Data Storage costs declined 11% due to the increased efficiency of the new Data Lake 
  • AORI patient records are now easily accessible and they have coimpleted 22% more case studies in the quarter following the implementation of the AWS solution
  • Quicker updates to the database translates into less downtime in the lab and clinic. First time visits are processed 15% faster.