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CloudFormation, CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, VPC, Load Balancer, AWS Storage Gateway, Amazon EC2, S3, CI/CD tool, JumpBox for access and CD, DocumentDB, MongoDB on EC2

Deployment on Elastic Infrastrcture

Elgia's success rests upon delivering in-app content with low latencies. Elgia adopted the SaaS platform to build rich forms based content for their customers., as a low code/no code solution, was ideal for Elgia. A2C Cloud worked to deploy the platform on a secure elastic infrastructure that can scale in proportion to the demand for growth in content. To meet these requirements, A2C Cloud set-up a secure new AWS environment and provisioned scalable AWS compute, storage, and networking components to host the platform. CI/CD was utilized in order to deploy on the provisioned infrastructure. To strategically deliver web forms with low latency, CloudFront CDN with S3 as origin was used. This ensured the optimization of Elgia's multi-faceted approach that directly aids their end users. A securely designed architecture was at the forefront of this project, giving Elgia the confidence that their data was protected and equipped to deliver in-app content quickly.  


  • Set-up an AWS environment to host the client's implementation of Form.IO
  • Cloud Formation Template to set-up networking
  • Cloud Formation Template to set-up Mongo DB instance
  • Cloud Formation Template to set-up S3 & Cloud Front
  • Set-up and configure Load Balancer/domain/certificates
  • Set-up and configure VPN connection between the customer's network and AWS
  • Set-up Application Instance
  • Set-up and configuration of Jump Box Host
  • Cloud Formation Storage Gateway set-up

Benefits Realized

  • A2C Cloud built a scalable environment that helps the client's customers build and deliver content 32% faster and more effectively using the platform.
  • Due to the ease of use of the customer's new platform, sales to their existing customer base increased 12% in the 60 days after project completion. 
  • The client has seen its customer satisfaction rise by 36% due to the increased performance and the ease of use of their new environment.