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EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, DR Infrastrcture, S3, VPC, VPN Connections 

Rotunda Capital Partners Acquires Storm Smart | Business Wire
Design of Detailed Architecture 

Storm Smart is a group of dedicated hurricane protection industry professionals, with a history of providing unmatched customer service and innovative product development which has set them apart and helped them become the largest manfacturer and installer of code-approved hurricane protection products. Storm Smart was looking to gain an expansive AWS cloud presence. Alongside Storm Smart's team, A2C Cloud decided that a four phase approach was the best way to accomplish all the goals outlined. A2C Cloud took the first step of creating detailed architecture and designing Disaster Recovery. This was in addition to setting up networking infrastructure in 2 Availablity Zones on AWS. Also, A2C Cloud took the step of setting up compute, storage, and databases in AWS as well as migrations of key applications, such as Smart View & Smart Access Apps in AWS. Another key focus for A2C Cloud centered upon setting up a FSX File Sharing System and testing applications to ensure functionality. Migrating 2 TB of on prem data into the AWS Cloud was also an important objective. A2C Cloud also turned their priorties towards migrating all users and apps into cloud-based AD and going live on the AWS hosted solution for all systems and users. 


  • Creation of AWS account and IAM Configuration
  • Creation of CloudFormation template to set up VPC
  • Creation of CloudFormation templates and setting up network infrastructure 
  • Setting up Transit Gateways - create routing tables
  • Setting up Site to Site VPN Connections 
  • Design of Detailed Archtecture & Disaster Recovery 
  • Expert Assistance on AWS Services and Customer's Architecture 
  • Ongoing Operational Issue Processing