Success Stories





Benefits Realized

The agile A2C Cloud method, coupled with AWS micro services allows the parallel advancement of data, application and technical teams, while working together in a much more agile and cost effective environment.

  • Overall IT costs decreased by 19%
  • New application time to market time decreased by 27%
  • Customer satisfaction increased by 26%
Enterprise Data Strategy


Business Objective

A well-known and forward-thinking health and welfare benefits administrator chose to self-insure their members which caused them to outgrow the capabilities of their legacy information technology (IT) systems. For this reason they decided to invest in an ambitious IT reengineering effort - designed to eliminate IT as a constraint on future growth and to provide the organization with differentiating IT and product flexibility in the marketplace.

This leading firm asked A2C Cloud to develop the definition and realization of a state-of-the-art Enterprise Data Strategy - designed to supply their new suite of IT applications with the best and most current information and to establish an information framework for greater organizational agility in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.


A2C Cloud architects and the customer’s senior management quickly settled on a shared vision for an Enterprise Data Strategy which established a framework of enabling capabilities - including Data Warehousing (DW), Master Data Management (MDM), Data Virtualization (VODS). These data assets would be leveraged to support a robust suite of shared Data Services that enabled the adoption of SOA and ESB architectures for greater re-use and scalability. A2C Cloud utilized it’s Agile Data Warehousing methodology that captured the “to be” vision as a set of detailed business process meta data. This repository became the basis for design specifications for the entire IT solution - including OLTP/operations, DW, MDM, VODS, and the collaboration portal (SharePoint). In proposing a 100% Cloud approach A2C chose AWS, which provides flexible and cost effective structured and unstructured stores such as S3 and Dynamo. Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, BI and visualization tools are available as well such as AWS Lake Formation, Redshift, Glue, Athena and several others providing an E2E Data solution that can run in the Cloud. The VODS solution targeted AWS API Gateway by leveraging Lambda and other integration techniques in AWS. This provides a flexible ESB architecture ready to integrate real time data from external sources or multi-dimensional data from the warehouse.