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SaaS AWS Cloud Account, ECS Cluster, CloudFormation

                 Frontline Technologies Announces Name Change To Frontline Education
Enterprise Resource Planning Optimization

Frontline Education is a leading provider of school administration software, empowering K-12 leaders with the right tools, data, and insights to proactively manage human capital, business operations, student information, and special education. Frontline relies heavily on a school adminstration software for the management of its people and processes. A solution was required in which school administrators could gain acess from anywhere at any time to this software. To address this and ensure that Frontline would be able to improve their overall agility and secure their position in the education community, A2C Cloud created a containerized version of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. 

A2C Cloud revamped Frontline's data hosting from a variety of on-premise and cloud instances to a new SaaS AWS cloud account. This new architecture provided Frontline with a highly scalable, containerized version of their award-winning ERP software leverage AWS Elastic Container Service. In a two-phased approach, A2C integrated more than seventy Frontline customers into a containerized version of their ERP system. During this, A2CC created the ECS cluster, using unique cloud formation templates and task definitions. This solution supports ongoing updates and deployments with continuous integration. With the new ECS system in place, Frontline can grow and manage their entire enterprise application portfolio much more efficiently. 


  • Creation of a SaaS AWS Cloud Account 
  • Creation of ECS Cluster
  •  New ECS System
  • Containerized Version of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Benefits Realized

  • With their new streamlined and highly scalable ERP solution, Frontline Education boosted their year-over-year revenue by 12%. 
  • Frontline saw an almost 50% reduction in support calls for services after the cutover to the new A2C AWS environment. 
  • With the ECS configuration firmly established, Frontline cut operating costs by 13%, a new benchmark for efficiency.