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AWS EC2, RDS, S3, MySQL Read Replicas, MySQL cross-region replica, CDK template, CICD, Amazon Aurora, Nginx, CDK

Infrastructure and Workloads Migration

Marketing For Change is a full-service creative firm anchored in social psychology and behaviorial economics. The goal behind this project was to allow Marketing For Change to expand their capabilities, prioritizing optimization and new platforms to resell. Improving user capability was an integral part, which was addressed with creating and hosting digital products. The team worked to provision several new servers, storage platform, and CDN distribution inside AWS. A staging environment was strategically placed to allow all code to be validated prior to its release into production. An automated deployment solution was built to ensure that BitBucket and AWS Code Deploy were leveraged, facilitating Marketing For Change to perform CI/CD deployments to its environments.


  • Simplify and standardize AWS environments
  • Improve security posture of AWS environments
  • Ensure the current AWS environments are architected, deployed with CICD and implemented to enable Disaster Recovery
  • Create subnets in each VPC with subnets provisioned in 3 AZs for high availability
  • Create MySQL Read replicas for high availability within a single region
  • Create MySQL cross-region replica for DR scenario

Benefits Realized 

  • The customer saw a 19% overall decrease in their website management costs, due to the switch to AWS from their on-premise environment. 
  • A critical hosted website experienced significant increases in traffic, at up to a 350% daily spike, with zero downtime - all while delivering very important content with low latencies. 
  • With the delivery of a Staging environment and CI/CD capabilities, the customer expects to decrease new content delivery time by at least 40% over the next 3 months.