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AWS Load Balancer, Kubernetes with EC2 usage for nodes: 3 x master nodes, 4 x workers, RedisHA (3 containers), MondoDB replica set on 3 nodes, Jenkins + Git for code deploy, Fluentd (logs for Nginx) + Elasticsearch + Kibana, Prometheus + Graphana for monitoring and metrics show

Marketplace Solution

This marketplace application allows more seamless customer communications for restaurants and the retail industry. The app allows users place an order at the nearest restaurant or store of interest, pay and receive a notification when it's ready. 

The app works through an API and allows the user to accept transactions, maintain cash and transfer readiness statuses. The solution easily achieves its primary goals - ensure both the simplicity of adding new restaurants and smooth operation for connected points. 

The A2C Cloud team developed a high-available cluster using container orchestration on AWS.

Main Goals 
  • Fast scaling in the event of a traffic spike
  • High-availability to handle high adds and traffic
  • Easy management, allowing control for the number of nodes, scaling of required resources and cost optimization