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DevOps, CICD Processes, ERP application, ECS

Migration of ERP Software into AWS Environment 

Frontline Education is a leading provider of school administration software, empowering K-12 leaders with the right tools, data, and insights to proactively manage human capital, business operations, student information, and special education. The Fabens Texas School District is one of Frontline's biggest customers. On their behalf, Frontline required to facilitate the migration of their ERP software into their AWS environment, which would create support for multi-zone disaster recovery. To achieve this, A2CC's chief resposibility became creating a robust architecture that enabled Frontline to provide Fabens Texas School District with remote access to AWS Cloud hosted SaaS solutions. 

A2C Cloud first relocated all of Frontline's data from their on-premise environemnt to AWS. A2CC then took the step of creating the AWS solution that leveraged conatiners with auto-scaling built-in to ensure consistent availability to Frontline customers. A2CC then worked to validate all instances and connectivity as well as providing DevOps support for the new solution. DR architecture was implemented in which Frontline is able to recover from any unforseen failures, technical failures, or natural disasters. By ensuring the RTO and RPO is kept low, Frontline and their customers such as Fabens Texas School District will be able to operate with improved resiliency and maintain optimal business continuity. 


  • Analysis and Discovery of Customer's existing FL ERP implementation
  • Leveraging CF templates to create new AWS ECS hosting instances and validate all tooling functioning
  • Using CICD processes to deploy ERP application software environments and to ensure validation of deployed software
  • Updating WAF/DNS entries to new containerized version of ERP application 
  • Validation of fully functioning ERP implementation and post-cutover support for customer and FL Support Teams 

Benefits Realized

  • Frontline's improved network and apps usability facilitated onboarding for staff and students alike, resulting in a 33% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Frontline saw an uptick in IP Flow and a higher adoption rate of services, increasing 21% in the first 3-month post project completion.
  • Frontline, running more efficient that ever, reduced its operations cost by 17%.