Success Stories






AWS Cognito, VPN, RDS, AWS Well Architected Framework


Optimizing the current AWS implementation

Alpha Software provides a low-code, rapid mobile application development platform for building and deploying cross-platform web and mobile apps. Alpha Software has developed and actively sells a multitude of products in their AWS hosted private cloud. Alpha Software was specifically looking for A2C Cloud to provide deep technical support to their Product Team as they explore options to securely introduce database services into their private cloud. A2C Cloud worked to meet these goals by providing top level security engineering talent experienced with AWS Well Architected Framework to work alongside Alpha Software's Product and Technical Teams. Also, A2C Cloud provided consultation on enhancing Alpha Software's existing Cloud based product to include AWS hosted Database Services. Additionally, we enhanced Alpha Software's existing Cloud to consume AWS Cognito services as part of providing core functionality.


  • Provide ongoing technical guidance to support customer’s Product Team as they introduce AWS Cognito into their existing offering in support of cloud based database as a service
  • An architecture that leveraged Cognito to secure the services provided to the customer 
  • Pseudo-code to describe the required API calls 
  • Flow diagrams to describe how authentication transactions take place

Benefits Realized

  • The customer saw an immediate 13% increase in sales as a direct result of their expansion of AWS services offered. 
  • As a result of their new offerings, the customer experienced a 17% increase in customer satisfaction. 
  • The expanded offering allowed the customer to push multiple additional new products.