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Migration from CloudSigma
SaaS DevOps Platform

The client provides an online service that allows inexperienced software developers or DevOps experts that have a lack of time/resources to acquire access to advanced dev-ops technology with no administrative burden, in just a few clicks. It allows developers to deploy and scale their  projects using an extensive registry of development and CI/CD tools available from the cloud-based service.

Reason for migration

The limited capacity and low performance numbers of the existing infrastructure didn’t support public testing and production together. The move to AWS enabled the use of a new and advanced infrastructure, support of Openshift, Jenkins and other cutting-edge technologies.

  • Creation of production and development environments
  • The development environment had a low version of the production stack and was only needed to test new features.
  • Production environment was realized with:
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • EC2 instances for Keycloak, OpenShift Master nodes, Jenkins, Graylog server side.
  • Autoscaling for Openshift nodes
  • Jenkins + Git for CI\CD realization
  • RDS MultiA-Z as a high-loaded database side.
  • Realization of auto-scalable option.
  • VPC implementation for better security.
  • IAM users restriction roles.
  • Reservation of some instances for cost optimization.


Migration summary

Duration - 2 months (initial system review, new environment configuration, data migration, deployment, DNS switching to work on new IPs)



Constant stack of 6 servers

7 servers + autoscaling for master nodes

Master-Slave DB replica set

MultiA-Z RDS instance as high-redundancy DB set

One network for all users (lack of free IPs)

Restricted network for each user

About 500 simultaneous users and environments

Unlimited amount of simultaneous users and environments due to auto-scaling function

Limited disc space - about 500 Gb of storage total

Unlimited storage since EBS can be added on the fly