Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • With their new streamlined and highly scalable ERP solution, Frontline Education boosted their year-over-year revenue by 12%.
  • Frontline saw an almost 50% reduction in support calls for services after the cutover to the new A2C AWS environment.
  • With the ECS configuration firmly established, Frontline cut operating costs by 13%, a new benchmark for efficiency.
New Containerized Environment

FrontLineEd - Containerization 2.jpg


Frontline Education required a standardized and highly scalable solution to support and improve the overall agility of their SaaS-based ERP products and secure their position as a technology leader in the education community. They contacted A2C Cloud for help.


A2C Cloud delivered a new AWS-based landing zone, and re-platformed their award-winning on-premise ERP software to a highly scalable, containerized version, running on Elastic Container Service. The new solution was provisioned using Cloud Formation Templates and Tasks, and is now maintained with A2C Cloud performing ongoing updates using continuous integration and delivery.

In a two-phased migration approach, A2C migrated a single Frontline customer, did QA testing on that customer deployment, validated the results, then migrated an additional 70+ Frontline customers into the re-platformed ERP system using Cloud Formation. Frontline is now able to efficiently manage and scale their application portfolio and business.