Success Stories





Benefits Realized

  • With their new streamlined and highly scalable ERP solution, Frontline Education boosted their year-over-year revenue by 12%.
  • The new AMI comprising of data science tools has allowed Inari Medical to leverage 13% more of their data.
  • Inari Medical has been able to cut their operating costs by 11% with the consolidation of everything into their AWS account.
New Data Lake

Inari Medical Proposal 1 (1).jpg


Inari Medical is dedicated to offering multiple products that treat and transform the lives of patients suffering from venous diseases. To expedite these product offerings, Inari Medical needed a quick and easy way to store its data for multiple groups within the company to be able to work independently in an AWS account.

Inari Medical requested A2C Cloud to help them in defining a repeatable account structure to allow multiple business units to function independently yet securely and create two separate initial accounts to allow core components to be shared and a data science group to begin operations. In addition, another major task for A2C Cloud was to define and create a data lake to facilitate the storage of large amounts of data.


After understanding Inari Medical’s goals, A2C Cloud created an efficient and secure structure inside their AWS account, that allows multiple business units to operate autonomously and securely. It was extremely important to ensure that only authorized individuals were able to create new AWS based services within specific accounts. Once accomplished, the next priority was to integrate Okta SSO with AWS SSO for authenticating and authorizing users to the AWS management console. A big component of Inari Medical’s overall goals was centered around their data science team, so A2C created an AMI comprising of Data Science tools. The last step was to configure a data lake in the Data Science AWS account. This enabled the data scientists to package data and metadata for the datasets and to immediately share the data.